Flight Log


Viking 2 Flight 3 - 12/18/2021

A8-3. Repaired fin. Flew great and the chute opened for once! (6" Estes plastic chute). Nice flight!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Solaris Flight 4 - 12/18/2021

C6-3. Redemption flight. Crashed yesterday (thought it was terminal). Chopped a 1/2 inch of each end of the tube and glued it back together along with a new kevlar shock cord. Flew fantastic!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Blue Origin Flight 2 - 12/18/2021

C6-3. SCRS (Santa Claus Rocket System) flight. Carrying Tiny Mate of Chipper Jones. Kevlar shock cord burned through at ejection and the booster separated from the capsule and parachute. Fortunately, the booster landed in a bush sustaining no damage and the capsule came down gently under the 18" parachute. Chipper survived!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Semroc Aerobee 150, E26-7W

SEVRA Newland, NC. 18 Dec 2021 AeroTech/Quest Q-jet E26-7W Jolly Logic Chute Release. Ejection charge 'blow by' resulted in some gores of the 16" chute melting together.
Posted by: David_Stack,

Red Giant Flight 3 - 12/17/2021

C6-3. Perfect Flight! Great on-board footage.
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Solaris Flight 3 - 12/17/2021

C6-3 (Batch A210321). No ejection charge. Crash landed. Partially rebuilt, albeit an inch shorter.
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Mega Tubular F15-4 980ft

Posted by: rklapp, Ronz Rocketz

AstroCam Flight 1 - 12/17/2021

C6-3 (Batch: A210321). Maiden flight. Terminal. No ejection charge and it lawn darted in. Total destruction!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Viking 2 Flight 2 - 12/17/2021

A8-3. Replaced fin (Original was found later that day!). Great flight, but chute didn't fully open and it came down hard. Broke one fin partially off. Easy repair.
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Blue Origin Flight 1 - 12/17/2021

C6-3. Great maiden flight. Carried 3 Teeny Mates (Ketel Marte, Eric Hosmer, & Paul Goldschmidt). Perfect flight! Great AstroCam footage as well!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin