Flight Log


Chiefs BB flight 16

Q-jet D16-4. Good boost, but blew out motor mount rather than parachute. Nose cone was off, which slowed descent, but still lawn darted into the grassy mud. AltimeterThree reported 725 feet. MicroPeak data for this flight don't make sense. It was flashing "ready" when I recovered.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Boosted Bertha flight 15

C6-0 / C6-5. Headed a little south and pitched over a bit more at staging, so 5-second delay was a bit long. But all in all a good flight.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Checkmate flight 40

A10-0T / A3-4T. Somehow managed to not get the streamer out of the tube, so semi-ballistic return. But in squishy field no damage, just mud to remove.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Chiefs BB flight 15

Q-Jet C12-4. Pretty nominal flight (in contrast to the last one). Ejection a bit early. AltimeterThree reported 545 feet. MicroPeak reported 168.4m (552.2 feet).
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Chiefs BB flight 14

Q-jet C12-4. Hung on rod for most of burn, then broke loose. 'Chute ejected about 40 feet up. No damage, just mud to remove. AltimeterThree graph showed 112 feet. MicroPeak reported 33.5m (109.9 feet).
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Tazz flight 2

Estes C6-5. Weathercocked a bit to the south. Good deployment of pod/streamer (a little late) and proper spinning recovery of model.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Green Eggs flight 1

Estes D12-5. Chute ejected but decided not to open. However no damage, and egg was fine.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Posted by: WISE,

MAV Flight 2

Q-jet C12-4. Good quick boost. Deployment OK but a little 'chute meltage so kind of a spinny descent. No other damage.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Alpha Flight 84

Estes B6-4. Nice straight boost with a little roll. Good deployment and 'chute. Winds so light....almost landed right back at my table (which was ~50 feet from the pad).
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard