Flight Log


CF HYDRA.....09/25/2021.....D12-3

1st flight. some weather cocking but overall a successful flight.
Posted by: DouglasKM,

Estes upscale SR-71

Straight flight on an Estes D12-5. Lots of sparks and ejection charge failed. Nosecone surprisingly has little damage, and entire rocket may be recoverable.
Posted by: Hermanjc,

Starship Super Heavy

Good fight on D12-3 and 2xC6-3s. Starship performed belly flop followed by flip prior to landing.
Posted by: Hermanjc,

Falcon Heavy

Flown on 2XB6-0s (boosters) and a C6-3 in center core. Good flight and recovery of all parts.
Posted by: Hermanjc,

F-22 Raptor

Flew on a D12-3 and C6-3. Asymmetric thrust lead to a wing over maneuver so altitude was suboptimal. Good recovery on parachute.
Posted by: Hermanjc,

Red Nova D20-4W JLCR 534ft

Posted by: rklapp, Ron


Significant weather cocking and tail spiral.
Posted by: DouglasKM,

Hi-Flier XL Flight 3 - 9/25/2021

E12-6 Motor. JLCR @ 200’ That and the FlightSketch Mini and Jolly Logic 2 makes 3 on-board altimeters! Ascent was flawless. Perfect deployment at apogee. Rocket fell for approximately 556' until Jolly Logic Chute Release deployed the 24" chute at 200'. Worked perfectly and rocket landed near the pad. Perfect flight!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

SX 24, E12-0, C11-5

Posted by: asheriff,

Red Giant Flight 2 - 9/25/2021

C6-3 Motor. Strong wind caused a significant weathervane, reducing overall apogee height. Nice climb up, but on deployment of chute, the nosecone got caught up in the chute not allowing it to open. Rocket came down sideways and soft enough where no damage was sustained. Great flight!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin