Flight Log


Alpha III Flight 8 - 2/5/2022

B6-4. Flew with my brother-in-law. His first ever rocket launch. He had a great time! 9" chute didn't open fully and it landed harder than normal. Broke a tip off one fin. Great flight overall! New AstroCam battery mod worked flawlessly all day!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

2022-02-05 Madcow 1.6 Black Brant CTI F36-6

Spherachute 30" UL. 5s delay would be better.
Posted by: amiliv,

2022-02-05 Estes Ventris AT F51-6

Spherachute 30"
Posted by: amiliv,

2022-02-05 Madcow Momba AT F51-6

With 30" Spherachute
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Posted by: amiliv,

Imagine Algebra initial launch

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Viking 2 Flight 4 - 1/31/2022

A8-3. First flight with an AstroCam. Flight went great, but the chute tore one of the shrouds and didn't open fully. Came down hard on the rocks and broke 1 fin. Easy fix. Overall, good flight.
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Yankee Flight 4 - 1/31/2022

C6-5. First flight on a C motor. Hard to see with the clouds in the background. Landed a little hard on the rocks and dented the side of the body a little. Overall though, very good flight.
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Hi-Flier XL Flight 11 - 1/31/2022

D12-5. Test flight after the CATO. Rocket had a perfect ascent, but the delay turned out to be over 6 seconds. Rocket came in hot and ejected way too late. The Nosecone, Parachute, and Rocket body all separated into 3 pieces. Damaged the front of the tube and the cargo bay coupler. Also injured AstroCam 2. Will try to repair.
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Dark Silver C5-3 - 146ft

Posted by: rklapp, Ronz Rocketz