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Semroc Mini Optima

Qjet B6-4
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Orion Semroc

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Saturn V Flight 7 - 12/8/2021

C5-3. First time with this motor, but couldn't compare to the C6-3 because it was carrying the AstroCam adding drag and weight. Camera didn't record because the battery was dead after a 30 minute search for the Supernova earlier that day. Carried the JL Altimeter 2, but it didn't record any data. Strange! Overall, great flight!
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Supernova Flight 1 - 12/8/2021

C6-0, B6-6. Maiden flight and first time ever flying a 2-stage rocket. Worked flawlessly. Ran the AstroCam on-board and got great footage. Nice slow landing under a 12" chute. Perfect flight! Motor in booster fell out and was never found.
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Bandit 3 Flight 2 - 12/8/2021

1/2A3-4T. First flight since the rebuild. Almost identical, to within a foot of Band 1's flight earlier that day. Chute opened fully at apogee and came down softly. Bounced off the rocks a little, but zero damage. Great flight!
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Bandit 1 Flight 3 - 12/8/2021

1/2A3-4T. First flight since the rebuilt. Flew great! Parachute didn't open fully till about 5 feet up, but it wasn't bad. Bounced a little on the rocks, but no damage!
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Alpha III Flight 7 - 12/8/2021

B6-4. First flight after the rebuild. Flew great. Carried the AstroCam on-board. Fantastic footage.
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Zephyr Jr. Micro Flight 4 - 12/6/2021

B6-4 and the new AstroCam Universal. There is a reason that the instructions recommend this camera for larger body tubes. The weight and drag caused an erratic flight path. Motor blew out at ejection and chute didn't open. It deployed, but didn't open. Fortunately the rocket landed in a bush and saved everything! On-board footage was fantastic.
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My 7.5" Scratch Diablo

Motor Aerotech J350W 8 Sec Delay
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