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VikingPL flight 7

FW 27. Estes B6-6
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F42 for my first flight on the eradicator.
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Mach1 Modified 3D Printed Nose with Screw-on Avionics Well

Ripley Ohio Association of Rocketry (ROAR) NAR Section #851 Monthly Low Power Launch held July 5, 2020 at RULH High School Lower Athletic Fields. Flyer Thomas F. Zachman Senior Advisor. Sport Rocket fiberglass Mach1 With Modified 3D Printed Nose with Screw-on Avionics Well designed and built by Mark McBride. 15 inch rip stop nylon standard parachute. First use of dedicated 10mm rail with micro-rail buttons. 18mm motor mount employing a Quest C12-6 (Q-Jet). Very low North Easterly winds (estimated 3-5 mph). Pad angled approximately 5 degrees easterly. Extremely hot afternoon with few scattered clouds. Flight was near vertical up to motor ejection. Recovery approximately 150 feet from launch pad. Photo credit: Walt Orlowsky Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved
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Upscale Neptune - D12-5

Upscale Neptune - D12-5
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Ghost Chaser flight 17

FS Comp. FW 26. C6-5.
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Ghost Chaser flight 16

FS Comp. FW 26. Estes C6-5. Lots of spinning on the way down.
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Checkmate (2) flight 10.

FS Comp. FW 26. A10-0T to A3-4T.
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Chiefs Big Bertha flight 21

FW26. Q-jet C12-4.
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Nova Payloader (5) flight 5

FW26. Q-jet C12-6. Amazingly little noise in data considering swinging payload section on descent.
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