Flight Log


Wizard Flight 12 - 1/19/2022

A8-3. First flight with new fin. Rubber shock cord broke during ejection charge. Nosecone parachuted down, but the body dove straight in. Ruined the body tube.
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Hi-Flier XL Flight 7 - 1/19/2022

E12-6. This flight was the epitome of perfection! Both altimeters worked accurately. Both cameras filmed perfectly, and the JLCR released perfectly right at 200'. Ascent went straight up, ejection occurred right at apogee, and descent landed gently 20 yards away from the pad. Perfection!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Alpha III (6) flight 20

B6-4. On the beach at Ocean Shores.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Alpha III (6) flight 19

B6-4. Off the beach at Ocean Shores.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Hi-Flier XL Flight 6 - 1/16/2022

E12-6. Put everything into this flight. Ran dual AstroCam cameras, FS Mini Altimeter, JL 2 Altimeter, and JLCR set for 200'. Everything worked perfectly, except the chute got hung up in the shock cord and nose cone. The chute never opened and acted more like a streamer. Minor damage to the top of the body tube on landing, but not bad at all.
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

AstroCam Flight 2 - 1/16/2022

C6-5. Resurrected rocket! Original nose-cone and fin set. New body tube. Flew perfect! 12" chute brought it down nicely!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Spirit Flight 6- 1/16/2022

D12-0, C6-5. First time with the booster. Worked perfectly! Nice strong ascent. Chute didn't deploy out of the tube and rocket came in hot. Buckled the body and nose of the tube a bit. Repairable........but frustrating.....
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Mini Exexutioner E30-4T ~974ft

Posted by: rklapp, Ronz Rocketz

Posted by: Chas, Charles

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