Flight Log


Blue Origin Flight 4 - 7/4/2022

C5-3. Picture perfect flight! Textbook! Carried very special cargo aboard in the payload bay: Capsule from Titan II 1:200 missile (AMT Man In Space Collection), model of space shuttle, actual Judean coin from 40-45 A.D.
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Saturn V Flight 9 - 7/4/2022

C5-3. Another perfect flight. I love the C5 motors over the C6 on scale rockets. 18" chute brought it down softly.
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NASA SLS Flight 9 - 7/4/2022

C5-3. Perfect flight. I love the performance of the C5 over the C6 on scale rockets. 18" chute brought it down nice and soft.
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Citation Patriot Flight 14 - 7/4/2022

C6-3. Another frustrating flight. 24" chute got hung up and the top of the body tube and didn't deploy. Hard impact. Scrunched the body tube and broke a fin. Perfect flight......up till the end!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Generic E2X Flight 1 - 7/4/2022

A8-3. Maiden Flight. Gifted Rocket from Joe (JC Hobbies). Looking forward to seeing what it can do with more power, but all went well. Ejection Baffle proved effective and flight went perfectly!
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Certification L1 Zephyr

July 2, 2022
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Der Red Max Heavy (3) F42

NOTRA Launch 7-2-2022. Only 2 of 3 lit, so low flight. Also d-bag hung up on shroud line... broke a fin on hard landing. Will fly again after repairs.
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Der Red Max Heavy on G80-NBT

NOTRA Launch July 2, 2022. 1st flight of the Der Red Max HEAVY rocket. This is 3 Estes Der Big Red Max Kits combined with some extra parts and pieces. Recovery Ejection is Eggtimer Apogee, with center motor as backup... This was a test-flight with only one G80 motor. Flight went really well. STABLE. Nice off the rail. Dead straight boost with no spin. Apogee close to that predicted by the Open Rocket simulation. Eggtimer Apogee did it's job. Only thing was, it's a little fast on landing...
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