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Norad I175

Posted by: thom9894,

Laser-X B6-4 128ft

Moderate winds so used B motor.
Posted by: rklapp, Ron

Supernova Flight 2 - 12/11/2021

C6-0, C6-5. Special SCRS (Santa Claus Rocket System). Flew 6 rolled up baseball cards to send out to my friends. Was hoping to hit 1,000 feet. Success! Found the spent C6-0 booster motor, but couldn't find the booster. Will go back out and look for it again....... Weird....... One fin broke on touchdown, but easily repairable. Great AstroCam footage! UPDATE: Found the booster the next day.......
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Hi-Flier XL Flight 5 - 12/11/2021

D12-5. Ran the AstroCam on-board. Beautiful stable flight. Also deployed the little green astronaut. Took about 10 minutes of searching to finally find him. Excellent flight!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Citation Patriot Flight 9 - 12/11/2021

C6-3. Flew with on-board AstroCam. Excellent flight! Great footage. A shorter delay would have been less stressful, but a great flight overall!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Viking 2 Flight 1 - 12/11/2021

A8-3. Battle of the Vikings. This one is monokoted. Came down under chute, but upon arriving at the LZ, discovered a missing fin. It landed softly and it was nowhere to be seen. Must have broken off during ejection. Never found it. Lighter rocket actually flew lower apogee than the older heavier one............
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Viking 1 Flight 6 - 12/11/2021

A8-3. Battle of the Vikings! The old painted one verses the new monokoted one. Good flight, but the shrouds hung up on the fins and the chute didn't fully open. Soft landing though. No damage. Good flight!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Fliskits Dueces Wild

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Semroc Mini Optima

Qjet B6-4
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Orion Semroc

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