Flight Log


Estes Trajector f26-6fj

Flown at 60 acres park in redmond Wa
Posted by: Toby_nagata,

Enerjet 24 two stage d12-0 to d12-7

Flown at 60 acres park in redmond wa
Posted by: Toby_nagata,

Prometheus 6 L3 Cert Flight

Prometheus 6 L3 Flight
Posted by: JCBanks523,

Loc Athena

Loc Athena on an H195. Delay drilled to 10 seconds. Altimeter appears to have shut down (low temps?) after Apogee.
Posted by: k35tr3l,

Apache-2 Flight 5

B6-0 to A8-5
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Wanderer 2.0 Sixty Acres Flight 2

CTI E22-6 Smoky Sam. Chute Release didn’t get out of the nose cone so no ‘chute. But no damage, just mud. With @boatgeek.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Nova Payloader (5) flight 91

Estes C6-5. Pitched NW into the wind. ‘Chute split into two sections (this had been coming for some time). Broke one fin, near a previous break, on landing. Chute is now replaced with new ASP neon sport ‘chute.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Titan II/Gemini Flight 3 - 12/18/2021

A8-3. Erroneous data on the FS Mini. Flight went well. Landed vertically in a bush, which is good because the chute didn't fully open. Came down more like a streamer.
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Viking 2 Flight 3 - 12/18/2021

A8-3. Repaired fin. Flew great and the chute opened for once! (6" Estes plastic chute). Nice flight!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Solaris Flight 4 - 12/18/2021

C6-3. Redemption flight. Crashed yesterday (thought it was terminal). Chopped a 1/2 inch of each end of the tube and glued it back together along with a new kevlar shock cord. Flew fantastic!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin