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Hi-Flier XL Flight 3 - 9/25/2021

E12-6 Motor. JLCR @ 200’ That and the FlightSketch Mini and Jolly Logic 2 makes 3 on-board altimeters! Ascent was flawless. Perfect deployment at apogee. Rocket fell for approximately 556' until Jolly Logic Chute Release deployed the 24" chute at 200'. Worked perfectly and rocket landed near the pad. Perfect flight!
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SX 24, E12-0, C11-5

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Red Giant Flight 2 - 9/25/2021

C6-3 Motor. Strong wind caused a significant weathervane, reducing overall apogee height. Nice climb up, but on deployment of chute, the nosecone got caught up in the chute not allowing it to open. Rocket came down sideways and soft enough where no damage was sustained. Great flight!
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NASA SLS Flight 5 - 9/25/2021

C6-3 Motor. Pretty windy and the rocket weathervaned pretty strong, but it held it's own. More horizontal than usual cause a lower apogee, but the chute still had time to deploy (barely). Flew a 24" Apogee chute. Nice landing, but one clear plastic leg got pushed up 1/4" higher than normal into the SRB. No big deal. Nice flight.
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SOLAR GRAPPLE.....09/25/2021.....D12-3

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Zephyr Jr. Micro Flight 1 - 9/25/2021

A8-3 Motor. Maiden flight. Fantastic ascent! 2 grams of clay in nose helped CG. 6" plastic chute got a little tied up and spun very fast on the descent. Rocket landed fine, but there was a crinkle at the top of the body tube. Unsure of what caused it. Right where the nosecone pops out from....... Great maiden flight!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin

Solaris Flight 2 - 9/25/2021

B6-4 Motor. A bit windy, but rocket handled it well. Flew both altimeters (FlightSketch Mini and Jolly Logic 2). 3' difference in readings, 12" chute deployed nicely. Great flight!
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Nova Payloader (5) flight 82

Estes C6-5. All nominal.
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