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SodBlaster_2022 Loc 3.9 inch V-2 with G72DM motor. Started with 14 second delay. But I drilled out 8 seconds leaving 6 seconds but ejected at 12 seconds. I am sure I went deep enough, but apparently did not remove enough material. Chute deployed about 1 second after landing nose first into dirt. Only damaged body tube.
Posted by: alane, Lane

Apache-2 flight 7

B6-0 / B6-6
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Boom N Zoom h169-13WS

flown at sod blaster on 9/5/2022
Posted by: Toby_nagata,


Appear to have lost all data beyond the peak altitude.
Posted by: alane, Lane

Star Orbiter (2) flight 16

Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

Mega Mosquito at Freedom Launch 2022 Labor Day Weekend

Flew on an E20-7W
Posted by: wally007mf,

Loc hyperloc 4in J450-14DM

flown at sod blaster 9/4/2022
Posted by: Toby_nagata,

Super Orbital Transport flight 3

D12-5. Another perfect flight. Glider up for a minute at least.
Posted by: bcawley1, Bernard

One and a One and a Half J270W-14, Sod Blaster

Bruce's One and A Half rocket was built in the Spring of 2022. It has a Blue Tube 38mm airframe and uses the Acme fin can and an Additive Aerospace flyaway rail guide. Onboard electronics are the FlightSketch altimeter and a Tracki cellular GPS tracker. Maiden flight was on April 17, 2022 at Touchet, Washington where it flew to 3,199 feet on an Aerotech H100W-10. Second flight (pictured here) was at Pasco, Washington on an Aerotech I280DM-14 sparky motor to 5,732 feet. Third flight was with an Aerotech J270W-14 White Lightning motor on September 4, 2022 at the TriCities Rocketeers Sod Blaster Launch in Pasco Washington where it reached 6,486 feet and mach .93.
Posted by: Bruce,

AMW Big Bertha at Freedom Launch 2022 Labor Day Weekend

Flew on an Aerotech J350W-10
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