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Imagine Algebra initial launch

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Viking 2 Flight 4 - 1/31/2022

A8-3. First flight with an AstroCam. Flight went great, but the chute tore one of the shrouds and didn't open fully. Came down hard on the rocks and broke 1 fin. Easy fix. Overall, good flight.
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Yankee Flight 4 - 1/31/2022

C6-5. First flight on a C motor. Hard to see with the clouds in the background. Landed a little hard on the rocks and dented the side of the body a little. Overall though, very good flight.
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Hi-Flier XL Flight 11 - 1/31/2022

D12-5. Test flight after the CATO. Rocket had a perfect ascent, but the delay turned out to be over 6 seconds. Rocket came in hot and ejected way too late. The Nosecone, Parachute, and Rocket body all separated into 3 pieces. Damaged the front of the tube and the cargo bay coupler. Also injured AstroCam 2. Will try to repair.
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Dark Silver C5-3 - 146ft

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LOC Viper III w/ 3x E12-8

Launch of LOC Viper III at OROC Rocketober launch in Brothers, OR. Cluster of three Estes E12-8 engines. All three engines were ignited. Motor ejection at apogee and Jolly Logic Chute Release released the main @ 500 ft. Date: October 16, 2021
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Hi-Flier XL Flight 9 - 1/24/2022

E12-6. Absolutely PERFECT flight!
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Titan II Flight 5 - 1/24/2022

C6-5. Due to the aft CG from the position of the camera, plus it's weight and drag, the Titan II corkscrewed up pretty violently. Good flight though. 6" homemade chute did it's job! No damage on landing. Great flight!
Posted by: kduncan, Kevin