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Loc warlock on a CTI K650 pink
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FlightSketch Test Flight 1 12-28-2019

Test Flight 1 for Ripley Ohio Association of Rocketry NAR# 851 12-28-2019. Test vehicle: Estes Javelin Motor Estes B6-4 Build Weight: 48 grams Flight Weight (Dry): 54 grams with Mini and wadding Estes Pro Controller and standard Estes Pad-No deflection. Range Location: Tony Moran Farm Southern Edge by Howland Road. Weather: Mostly Cloudy Wind SE Flight; Nominal with some parachute spin. FS Mini was wrapped in one sheet of Estes wadding held together with stripping tape. Attached to shock cord with Kevlar cord. Post Flight Recommendations: 1. Attach FS Mini with tether to nose cone if no payload bay. 2. Cut and sew a soft cloth pouch for the KS Mini. 3. Fly second test with 1/16” vent holes Set of four (4). 4. Fly Mini in Mid Power AV Bay.
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mini honest john a10

no vent hole
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school rocket d12-3

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Checkmate flight 38

1/2A3-0T / 1/2A3-4T. Good straight flight on both stages. Booster motor 1973 vintage. Uploaded from home about three hours after the flight so ignore weather data.
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Boosted Bertha flight 14

German Quest B6-0 / A8-3. Flight not nearly as shaky as data traces suggest.
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Mega Der Red Max

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Air Walker flight 17

Q-Jet C12-6. Re-upload of data after getting home. Weather looks better. But data still truncated. See tablet screen shots....there data has some odd fluctuations but the plot goes all the way to landing.
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