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Now with 3 axis accelerometer!

Looking for a model rocket altimeter that is easy to use and won't break the bank? The FlightSketch Mini combines cost effective design, power efficient components & includes the latest sensor technology from Bosch.

Data transfers wirelessly to your iOS or Android device with our free app. Flight stats are shown with real numbers! No flashing lights or beeps to count and decode, no extra data transfer kit to buy. With wireless communication, there is nothing to plug in and no need to open up the rocket & avionics bay. You can turn on your device and record and download all day. 

The FlightSketch Mini is also compatible with the online flight log service at A free account let's you upload flight data to the cloud, view interactive plots and easily share with friends. Browse your flight history with ease, The most useful data is what you actually look at!

The FlightSketch Mini now includes a 3 axis accelerometer onboard! Get realtime feedback and visualize the thrust curve of various motors in your rocket. Additionally, the accelerometer data is now used to provide an even more accurate velocity measurements. Great for tuning sim files or bragging about a drag race!


  • Nordic Semiconductor nrf52811 with 32bit ARM processor and integrated Bluetooth Low Energy communication
  • Bosch BMP388 24bit digital pressure sensor
  • Bosch BMA253 16g (22g axial) 3D accelerometer
  • Kalman state filter for accurate altitude and velocity data
  • 50Hz data logging of pressure, altitude, velocity & 3D acceleration
  • 4Mbit onboard flash memory (~5minutes @50Hz)
  • Onboard, replaceable, 12mm coin cell battery
  • ~200hr battery life with CR1225 battery (included)
  • Mounting hole to attach 100lb kevlar shock cord or similar
  • Free & optional cloud data storage and sharing with 
  • Designed & Built in the US

**Note - current firmware, v29, is compatible with all devices rev "d" and later. Please see the guide below to update. All features listed above can be installed with this free update.


Fits inside 18mm (BT-20) coupler

  • 0.64" (16.3mm) wide
  • 1.00" (25.4mm) long
  • 0.25" (6.3mm) tall
  • 3.16g (0.11oz) ready to fly with CR1225 battery (included)

iOS App Store Link

Android Google Play Store Link

Android APK

FS Mini User Guide (.pdf)

FS Mini Firmware (v29)

FS Mini Firmware Update Guide (.pdf)


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Customer Reviews

  1. Tests Great!

    Yet to fly onboard ... but static vacuum tests work perfectly! Looking forward to the data!

    Reviewed by Lester Lightstone on May 19, 2019, 10:39 p.m. | Permalink

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  2. Amazing altimeter.

    This is a great little altimeter. It almost replaces the $100 counterpart that's out on the market. Notify me when you get more in stock and I'll pick up a couple more. I know they're going to sell out fast.

    Reviewed by Eric Hamilton on Aug. 15, 2019, 5:50 p.m. | Permalink

    6 of 6 customers found this useful

  3. Great device

    Great data logger and flight computer. Simple to use and well designed app.

    Reviewed by Chris Kohlert on July 4, 2019, 9:34 p.m. | Permalink

    5 of 6 customers found this useful

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