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Product Description

Now available onsite at CATO launches!

A new kit from FlightSketch that is perfect for first time flyers and group events!


This low cost kit is designed to build in minutes and be far more durable than typical entry level models.



  • Thick wall 24mm Airframe tube from LOC Precision
  • One piece ABS fin assembly eliminates alignment errors and ensures straight flight
  • Launch lug is integrated into fin assembly for faster builds and improved strength
  • Screw on motor retainer is easy to use with no sharp ends
  • High strength 3 strand braided Kevlar shock cord, burn resistant for better duribility than elsatic shock cords.
  • Streamer recovery for fast descent to minimize drift
  • Nosecone features large diameter hole for recovery system mounting. No "thread the needle" attachments.
  • Pre-cut color vinyl decals from Stickershock!

Interested in bulk packs? Contact us to customize a package for any size class or group.

  • Any number of rockets
  • With or without your choice of motors from Quest Q-jet or Estes
  • Options for discounted bundles with one or more Porta-Pad launch systems
  • Ex: 12 kits + 12 Q-jet A3-4 motors for $74.99 + actual shipping cost


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