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Product Description

The LOC Goblin is a new 4” diameter rocket kit. With permission to upscale a classic, the LOC Goblin is here and full of new features. The most notable is a Loc-n-Mount system allowing 54, 38, and 29mm motors. At 42 ounces it’s light enough to be a Class 1 flyer, and with the main 54mm it can easily attain high power flights. Decals are included as well as all necessary hardware and rail guides. Recovery is with a 36” Rip-stop nylon parachute and 15’ flat braided nylon shock cord with loops sewn in the ends. The booster section can be completely assembled and then slid into the airframe for maximum strength.  OR still use the traditional fin tabs and slots. 

Customer Reviews

  1. Amazing build quality

    Talk about LOCking in place. The construction of this beautiful rocket was not only easy but super satisfying. The variety of motors this beast can handle will quickly shoot it up to the top of your launch list. Building it couldn't be easier. The fins lock onto the motor mount, and then you take that and shove it into the body tube. And that's it. Ship it off to the paint department and throw just about any motor you want into it. From a 'small' 29mm to a level 2 54mm, this is the one rocket that can take them all. Beautiful build and awesome quality parts. Make this your first mid power rocket and you will never look back.

    Reviewed by Kenn Kopas on Aug. 28, 2020, 9:13 p.m. | Permalink

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