Quest Astra III Starter Set


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The perfect way to get started in model rocketry.

The Quest Astra III™ Quick Kit starter set combines Quest's rugged Astra III Quick Kit, (3) revolutionary Q-Jet™ rocket motors and a complete launch system. Everything you need for a day of flying model rockets! The launch equipment can be used to continue your adventure and fly the entire fleet of Quest rockets!

The Q-Jets are the world's most advanced 18mm model rocket motors. They utilize a patent pending high-strength polymer case and bulkhead, ceramic nozzle and RCSs exclusive Black Max™ aerospace- grade composite propellant formulation, which produces nearly double the specific impulse (or "Isp", a propellant efficiency rating) of conventional black powder propellant. They are not susceptible to thermal cycling like black powder motors. Q-Jets generate a highly-visible exhaust plume and delay smoke trail. All Q-Jets ship with a FirstFire Micro™ 2-lead igniter, which can be used with any launch controller. All Q-Jet motors are U.S. mailable with no hazmat fee!

Comes in a sturdy re-usable range box.

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