LOC Terrier Booster 3"


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Product Description

An add on component for 2-stage flight!  3″ in diameter, 24″ long airframe with a specially cut AR-3.00-2.14 on top and a 38mm motor tube.  Comes with a 28″ parachute and NW-12 for it’s own recovery.  Designed to work with YSHAWK238,  YBBX238YIRIS238YIQSY238 and YZEUS238 You can choose to attach permanently or allow drag separation for 2 stage flight.

(Will NOT work with 2.26″x29mm kits. NOT recommended for individual flight.)


Complexity: Intermediate
Height: 27″
Weight: 24oz
Motor Mount: 38MM
Parachute Size: 
28″ ripstop nylon
Shock Cord Type: 
3/8 Nylon webbing
Shock Cord Mount: 
Eye Bolt SCM2
Fin Thickness: 
Ring Thickness: 

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