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In honor of our fallen military service members, LOC Precision wishes You and Yours a happy Memorial Day. As today approached, we at LOC realized there was something missing from our arsenal. We have the Patriot, Phoenix, Hawk, etc.., all US Military Missiles. We knew in our hearts we had to search for a tribute to the valorous dedication to this Country from every branch. In honor of the Men and Women who exemplified the loyalty, courage and strength to serve the United States of America, and whom never touched foot to the Homeland again, we introduce to you the Semper Fi. The Semper Fi is a token to ‘Nobody being left behind or forgotten’. The Semper Fi defines strict lines and precision, perfection and excellence. We hold the highest solemn respect and gratitude to our fallen. These bad boys will pack a punch with their power and gusto. Fly them high, fly them proudly, fly faithfully, fly them in honor of those who gave the greatest gift to ensure our freedom. LOC promises the spouses, parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors that EVERY SALE of this glorious rocket will generate a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. We cannot say THANK YOU enough to Our Military. Happy Memorial Day. Please help us welcome the first branch to our line of tributes, this is the much needed rocket: Semper Fi!

10% of every kit sold donated to the Wounded Warrior Project

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