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LOC-I series kits are perfect for your first rocket kit! They were designed for the classroom environment and have a pre-slotted airframe that’s 2x the thickness of others. Kevlar shock cord and laser cut birch fins add to the durability and strength. An engine hook is included for 18mm motors ranging from A-D impulse. Comes with vinyl decals!


24mm Airframe, 1.0" OD

18mm Motor Mount

1/8" Launch Lug

Streamer Recovery

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  1. Easy to build.

    So incredibly easy to build, simple easy to follow instructions make this a perfect second or even first rocket. But it's such a good flier I would recommend it as your 100th rocket. The through the wall fins makes installing the fins simple and they lock in place. And the fins aren't flimsy balsa either but strong, super thin ply. A bit of glue a splash of paint and you are at the field before you know it launching it sky high. The high quality streamer does a good job of slowing down the descent, along with making it easier to see. Such high quality materials makes LOC one of the best model manufacturers out there. Much higher quality than the other brands out there.

    Reviewed by Kenn Kopas on Aug. 28, 2020, 9:05 p.m. | Permalink

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