Chiefs BB flight 14

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Flight Weather:


46.0 ˚F


72.0 %

Cloud Cover:

39.0 %

Avg Wind:

2.3 mph

Wind Gust:

3.7 mph

Wind Direction:

307.0 ˚

Flight Stats:


107.6 ft

Max Speed:

72.6 ft/s

Avg. Descent Rate:

10.0 ft/s

Time to Burnout:

0.74 s

Time to Apogee:

2.88 s

Total Flight Time:

13.68 s

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Flight Description:

Q-jet C12-4. Hung on rod for most of burn, then broke loose. 'Chute ejected about 40 feet up. No damage, just mud to remove. AltimeterThree graph showed 112 feet. MicroPeak reported 33.5m (109.9 feet).

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