Alpha Flight 83

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Flight Weather:


41.7 ˚F


84.0 %

Cloud Cover:

47.0 %

Avg Wind:

1.7 mph

Wind Gust:

3.1 mph

Wind Direction:

325.0 ˚

Flight Stats:


523.2 ft

Max Speed:

206.4 ft/s

Avg. Descent Rate:

16.1 ft/s

Time to Burnout:

0.78 s

Time to Apogee:

5.04 s

Total Flight Time:

37.6 s

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Flight Description:

Estes B6-4. Nice straight boost with a little roll. Good deployment and 'chute. Winds so light....almost landed right back at my table (which was ~50 feet from the pad).

Flight Photos: