Finally recovered after sitting in a tree for three weeks.

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Flight Weather:


83.2 ˚F


65.0 %

Cloud Cover:

40.0 %

Avg Wind:

8.1 mph

Wind Gust:

8.1 mph

Wind Direction:

180.0 ˚

Flight Stats:


640.4 ft

Max Speed:

233.0 ft/s

Avg. Descent Rate:

14.1 ft/s

Time to Burnout:

0.94 s

Time to Apogee:

7.04 s

Total Flight Time:

52.32 s

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Flight Description:

Der Big Citation Patriot F67-4W This is the last Mini that Russ had. The previous flight was a Leviathan that went 500ft and landed near the pad. The winds shifted and this flight landed about 50ft up in a tree. I lost the AC cam, and the rocket will need major reconstruction.

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