Alpha III Flight 3 - 12/24/2020

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Flight Weather:


48.5 ˚F


14.0 %

Cloud Cover:

93.0 %

Avg Wind:

0.9 mph

Wind Gust:

3.2 mph

Wind Direction:

264.0 ˚

Flight Stats:


187.4 ft

Max Speed:

106.2 ft/s

Avg. Descent Rate:

14.4 ft/s

Time to Burnout:

0.58 s

Time to Apogee:

3.78 s

Total Flight Time:

16.76 s

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Flight Description:

First time out with granddaughter. Had a great time and a great flight. Landed within 20 feet of the pad. The parachute didn't open right away, but eventually fully opened. No damage to the chute. Perfect flight!

Flight Photos: